Entec increases its engagements in South Africa

DJ Vosloo has joined the South African team of MRO supply chain specialist Entec International to initially support the integration of Pioneer Foods into the 3PMRO® structure established for the three Simba plants already being serviced in the region.

DJ spent 30+ years with PepsiCo in South Africa and brings his extensive industry experience to the 3PMRO® integration project, which consolidates and manages global shipments of Maintenance, Repair Operation supplies into the region for Simba. By streamlining the supply chain, Entec’s 3PMRO® service delivers substantial cost savings, reduced inventory, streamlined administration and lower CO2 impact, while cutting down the Process to Pay (P2P) cycle.

Accordingly, PepsiCo is keen to roll out the same benefits for Pioneer Foods, which was acquired by PepsiCo in 2020. Pioneer Foods includes 40+ entities in South Africa, with plants of various sizes within groceries, bakeries, and grain mills. Alongside manufacturing and marketing, Entec is supporting PepsiCo in accelerating the integration of Pioneer Foods’ MRO management.

The aim is for Pioneer Foods to achieve similar productivity improvement levels as for the Simba plants and reap synergies between the two operations, says Head of Business Development Torben Kring.

“We are excited to welcome DJ to the team. He is already making a great contribution to this project. He understands the network management and operations at PepsiCo in South Africa, so his help in onboarding and engaging the first wave of Pioneer Foods operations into Entec’s 3PMRO® system will be invaluable,” he said.

“Our goal is to win hearts and minds in the first phase and demonstrate the benefits of working with Entec in the 3PMRO® model. We look forward to demonstrating our continued support for one of Entec’s key global accounts, and to delivering or exceeding our productivity savings targets.”