Entec registers 3PMRO trademark

MRO procurement and supply chain specialist Entec International has successfully registered its 3PMRO service, which the company has pioneered with major FMCG client companies worldwide.

Designed to optimise spares inventory for global clients with complex manufacturing operations across multiple regions, the 3PMRO service spans sourcing, procurement and shipping of spares, combined with ongoing inventory management.

As 3PMRO partner, on behalf of the client Entec manages local and international suppliers, consolidates optimal shipments and handles all transactions. In addition, Entec acts as trusted counsel to highlight opportunities for better use of existing inventory across multiple plants. The client benefits from streamlined payment processes, reliable and timely delivery of parts, reduced overall inventory holding, substantial cost savings, as well as reduced P2P cash cycles for both client and suppliers.

Entec’s Mike Robinson says, “We work in close partnership with our clients, with real-time access to multiple data points across their global manufacturing facilities. Entec operates on a trusted partner basis, where its remuneration reflects value delivered.  These relationships provide incentive for Entec to seek continuous improvements and underpins the confidence our clients have in us.

The term ‘3PMRO’ was coined by Entec as an equivalent to the term 3PL, widely used for Third Party Logistics.  Our 3PMRO is a service has been developed and honed over many years, supported by significant investment in market leading IT.  To have registered the 3PMRO trademark simultaneously protects our brand and confirms our ownership of the concept.”