MRO supply chain specialist Entec International reports bumper growth

UK based MRO supply chain specialist Entec International has reported ‘outstanding’ results at its year end in January and is confidently forecasting continued growth throughout 2019.

Managing Director Allan Gechie said, “We’re delighted to have achieved 31% year on year sales growth, our new operating systems are delivering streamlined ways of working ensuring retained profits have also improved.  This growth, coming after a 22% increase last year is outstanding being delivered despite some challenging international market operating conditions. During 2018, we expanded both the scale and geographical footprint of our services for major blue-chip clients in the FMCG, snack foods, soft drinks and alcoholic beverage sectors.  Growth will continue throughout 2019 with new client operations in, Pakistan, Nigeria and Cote D’Ivoire coming onstream during ¼ one.”

Much of the company’s success is based on expanding Entec service from a single-source MRO supply chain optimisation provider to delivering what Allan calls the ‘full’ 3PMRO service, where Entec will provide global and local sourcing, procurement, logistics and spares inventory management.

“For some of our multinational clients, Entec have evolved from being an external supplier into an internal partner managing the entire MRO supply chain, literally passing the parts over to end users at the stores counter,” he explained. “This relationship evolution is based on long-standing mutual trust and successful trials, where we have demonstrated that Entec can deliver significant savings in parts cost, improved return on capital and operational cash flow, as well as consolidating the proliferation of suppliers, shipments, invoices and currencies. Our 3MRO service removes complexity from clients’ supply chains and saves significant cost.

Last year, during supply optimization to Nigeria, Entec delivered savings of 12% against a target of 8% for a world leading alcoholic beverage client; as the client moves to the full 3MRO service this year, Entec projects total cost of ownership reductions at up to 40% across sites in East and West Africa.”

Entec is planning to scale up its management and IT team and is actively seeking new business development and project managers, who will travel internationally supporting its continued growth.