Project Fulcrum

Project Fulcrum, is a world class MRO materials management program, improving cost and optimising inventory at a local & regional level, change managing spares stock from the current ‘Just In Case’ model to one with managed risk, where globally visible insurance spares are delivered ‘Just In Time’.
Entec deliver ‘Fulcrum’, to the world’s leading premium alcoholic beverage company, as a 3rd party MRO (3PMRO) project, in three phases:

Phase 1: Control is exercised over offshore/imported spares, optimising the supply chain and reducing total cost of ownership through the removal of non-value add links, delivering in weekly consolidated schedules, from multiple global suppliers at simplified payment terms. MRO materials are categorised and grouped, based on the usage frequency, cost to carry, supplier type. Entec jointly manage the supplier relationship with the client, categorising them at 3 levels of strategic importance, to drive best cost and deliver service excellence. Entec’s advanced reporting tools and app enable the end user to track shipments and recognise the benefits achieved through Fulcrum in real-time.

Phase 2: Local procurement is standardised, creating global agreements with major manufacturers, offering locally managed stock or using a fixed price e-catalogue, automating and ensuring compliant local standards in procurement. Import processes are taken under Entec control, creating a full door to door process.

Phase 3: In the final phase Entec deliver the greatest return, releasing tied capital to operations as inventory models are optimised locally, regionally and globally around demand. Planned and unplanned maintenance needs are addressed with service delivered against written agreements reported to KPI’s. Storerooms are redesigned, constructed around sound principles which are safe, secure and measured for continuous improvement. Clients benefit from a pooled inventory