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The Entec International logistics concept is simple – OTDIF – On time delivered in full.  The part you need in the right place, at the right time using the most cost and environmentally efficient means possible.

Optimised spares supply requires a tightly managed logistics flow for business critical spares and consumables.  Our global clients have operations in challenging markets, the Entec 3PMRO service, which is linked to the client demand and procurement system output, includes goods consolidation and warehousing, secure packing and clear identification for local and international transportation.

During shipment consolidation Entec logistics staff remove unnecessary plastic packaging and replace it with recyclable material.

Benefits include:

 icon-circle-o Fully managed sub-supplier logistics with pre-shipment inspection and consolidated exports

 icon-circle-o Reduced cost and environmental impact as both shipping and air cargo deliveries for non-urgent needs are consolidated

 icon-circle-o Fully managed logistics delivering lean manufacturing and meeting JIT production demands

 icon-circle-o Managed and compliant import / export processes

 icon-circle-o Full supply chain visibility with track and trace through an app based toolset