Gurjit Johal named as new Procurement Director at Entec International

3PMRO services provider Entec International has announced the appointment of Gurjit Johal to its Board of Directors.

Gurjit joined the company 15 years ago as Procurement Manager, a role key to the strong growth of the company, involving delivery of a fully managed global, regional and local MRO supply base across multiple countries.  He was challenged to improve cost, release cash and reduce the carbon footprint for Entec’s client base, which includes some of the world’s largest FMCG brands with operations across several continents.

In his new role, Gurjit will take a more strategic perspective, liaising with clients and suppliers to further increase profitability and add greater value for all customers.

He says, “My ambition is to introduce a more proactive approach to categorization of spend across a broad reach of customers. Most operate in the FMCG space and need to procure similar products, so I believe we can use our expanding global data sets to leverage the information they contain and so improve cost service and supply innovation.”

Gurjit was voted unanimously onto the Board of Directors, following completion of an internal Associate Director personal development program.

Commenting on the appointment, Managing Director Allan Gechie said, “Since joining Entec, Gurjit has worked tirelessly to deliver value across the complete supplier base. Occasionally facing challenging conditions, Gujit’s professionalism and experience always shines through, impressing not only his peer group, but our client base too with his determination and tenacity.”

CEO Mike Robinson added, “This is an exciting and important announcement for Entec. Gurjit has plans for structural change in the operational side of our business, giving procurement greater voice and presence at board level.  This will strengthen our management team and drive even greater value to our clients.  On behalf of everyone at Entec, we welcome Gurjit to the board and look forward to supporting him in delivering his ambitious objectives.”