Entec plays a part in support of Covid crisis-hit India

Reacting quickly to initial requests from major clients in India, UK-based MRO specialist Entec International is playing a key role in providing desperately needed oxygen concentrators to India, where Covid-19 has created a humanitarian crisis.

Entec CEO Mike Robinson explains, “Initially we received a call from two of our major clients in India asking us to locate as many oxygen concentrator units as we could. As soon as we sourced the equipment, our clients placed them on order, with one putting us in touch with the UK Government and the Indian High Commission in London.”

Working in support, to date Entec has sourced 850 of the potentially life-saving oxygen concentrators, shipping them to the Indian Red Cross in consolidations for several donors, which it is believed makes the company one of the largest suppliers in the UK to support the Indian Government.

Mike says, “An important aspect of our service as MRO specialists is to procure and supply parts and spares to global organisations worldwide on a timely basis and at the right price. In this instance, we have sourced, procured and shipped vital equipment within days and we are proud to have been able to play our part helping India during this crisis. The team continues to react, managing the supply and logistics with our partners.”


Photo by Samuel Ramos on Unsplash